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Just-in-time performance transformation
In just six months, Maersk transformed the leadership capabilities of 2,000 managers in 27 countries. In return, not only were they awarded with the 2016 ATD Best Trophy, but also an agile, globally cohesive management team.
5 ways to…find purpose at work
Wikipedia is now our go-to for encyclopedic information. But, throughout the 90s Encarta was king. So what possessed a group of dispersed, unpaid, unrecognized individuals to bring Wikipedia to fruition? A sense of purpose. And mattering at work matters a...
5 ways science shows your brain is keeping you from success
Your mind can be your best pal or your worst enemy. We’ve all fallen victim to one of ‘those days,’ where we often find ourselves asking why nothing seems to be going the way we want it to. Some of...

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