Who is Mind Gym?

One of the biggest challenges for us all is how to make the most of our lives.

One of the biggest challenges for companies is how to make the most of their people.

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At Mind Gym, we see these challenges as opposite sides of the same coin because when you help individuals flourish, the companies they work in will flourish too.

Using ground-breaking psychology, we boost the performance of millions of individuals, in hundreds of companies, across the globe.

We can do this because, though each person is unique, one colleague’s challenges are much like another’s. Whether they work in a bank, a telecommunications giant or a toy factory.

Our psychologists have developed hundreds of tools that equip people to achieve more, by thinking differently.

These are usually bite-size, say 90 minutes, and run over weeks or months, so individuals go on a voyage of personal discovery trying out their new found skills along the way.

This builds CAPABILITY, which is one part of what gets people performing.

BELIEF is also critical. Belief that you’re in the right job, in a company that’s going in the right direction, with leaders who are committed to get us there.

And then there’s ATTITUDE: can do, in control, half full. We choose how we think far more than we realize, which is why it pays to wake our minds up.


Which is how smart businesses achieve more, with less.

Is your company powered by Mind Gym?

Our mission

To help people use their minds more effectively so that they get more out of life and give more to others.

Our core values

  • Clients are delighted.
  • The integrity of our service is beyond question.
  • Every interaction is stimulating.