A taste for talent

“The sharp and engaging style of Mind Gym Workouts has been a key part of the success of Aspire.”

Justin King, CEO

When Justin King took over as CEO of Sainsbury’s, he swiftly identified as a top priority the need to grow the next generation of leaders from within.

Mind Gym augmented Sainsbury’s own “Aspire” program, inviting this top talent pool to attend a program of “Wednesday Workouts”, focusing on:

  • Performance: driving the pool to higher performance
  • Ambition: developing their personal motivation to achieve
  • Potential: ensuring the top talent achieved its potential to stretch to leadership roles

These sessions helped meet the need to build the right capabilities for the future, equipping and preparing Sainsbury’s for whatever comes its way. They included workouts on:

  • Goal getting
  • Good decision
  • Saying what you want
  • Inspire
  • Delivering change
  • Influence and persuade
  • Customer connection
  • Hearing what people say
  • Motivate



The ROI, in terms simply of saved recruitment fees in year one, was over 300%.

The top talent who attended the “Wednesday Workouts” reacted extremely positively, with 99% reporting that they would apply what they had learned; sales have grown by £2.7bn and Sainsbury’s is once again considered the largest supermarket in the UK.


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