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“Mind Gym has played a very valuable role in shaping the way we engage employees across British Gas. The Mind Gym is quick, creative and always extremely professional. Above all, they get great results.” Chris Jansen, Managing Director of Services & Commercial at British Gas

Firing up the front line

Winner of Learning and Performance Institute’s External Training Project of the Year 2012


Help British Gas drive a new philosophy of communication across the business, which will engage all 28,000 employees about what British Gas stands for, where the organisation is heading and their role in enabling its future.


1. Appreciative inquiry focus groups to find pockets of greatness where the future of British Gas was already being lived today.

2. Influencer campaign

  • Identify 250 influencers from across the business
  • Run 2-day influencer camps
  • Rehearsals for the managers’ festivals (see below)

3. Stakeholder campaign

  • Top 100 events to equip senior stakeholders to lead local engagement
  • HR and IC BPs brought in to shape the local rollout

4. ‘Make a difference’ events for managers, run by Influencers, supported by the Exec, message owners for each of the key strategic priorities and The Mind Gym, in groups of 300 in Birmingham and Glasgow.

5. Rollout by the 3,000 managers and 250 influencers to 24,000 on front line.

“Almost every British Gas employee…from the service manager or engineer to call centre worker or solar panel sales executive, seems just as enthusiastic and proud. It feels more like a start-up than a former state monopoly that was once a byword for poor customer service.”
Financial Times, 7th October 2010


The extent to which people agreed with the statement “I feel I have the opportunity each day to have my voice heard” increased by 49% from pre-event to post-event.

British Gas also saw a 26% increase in the Employee Promoter Score (a measure of how positive people feel about the business).

Read more about the programme in the Financial Times online.