“This is a large population to reach in a short time. Mind Gym was quick to get going and has since delivered consistently excellent Workouts for the whole population. We are seeing improvements far sooner than we would have done with any alternative solution.”David Murphy, leading the programme at BT

Technical experts to customer experts


BT’s 8,000 strong IT team’s role was changing to become more externally focused.

As a result, the technically-minded individuals needed to add to their subject matter expertise and become adept at listening to and delighting customers, internally and externally.


Working from a customer service competency model, four Workouts were selected to form a core development programme for everyone in the division. Additional development was also offered for specific roles.


Of the 5,200 participants that went through the programme:

Comments from participants

“I have been looking for this stuff for years. Fantastic.”

“Powerful and useful both in work and socially.”

“Will definitely help me to build relationships in my new role.”

“I really enjoyed this course and can see immediately how I will apply this in the workplace. It has also made me understand why some of my colleagues react the way they do.”