“Mind Gym’s savvy auditor training was a key development programme for our Audit & Assurance department. The training developed auditors’ intuition to enable them to more effectively diagnose subtle risk signals, demonstrate proactive thinking, and use their experience and knowledge to make the right decisions efficiently. The training benefited not only our own department but is also driving value creation within GSK through our audits.”Simon Bicknell, SVP Governance, Ethics & Assurance, GSK

The savvy auditor


Help GSK’s internal auditors make better decisions more quickly by honing their intuition and judgement.


A bespoke 90-minute Workout was designed to equip auditors with the skills to develop, evaluate and communicate their hunches more efficiently so they can make faster, more intuitive decisions. The Savvy Auditor Workout was delivered across UK and US based teams.


A 6 – 8 week post-intervention analysis showed that:

78% of participants said they had been able to apply the skills and knowledge learnt to their jobs within five weeks of the programme.


*The auditors’ improvement estimates were reduced by 35% to account for self-enhancement bias.