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“Managing individuals’ performance effectively is one of the most powerful ways of transforming the business. However, to do this effectively, we are completely reliant on our managers. Mind Gym was a quick and efficient way of building their confidence and capability. I would heartily recommend them to anyone with a similar challenge.” Head of Organisation & People Development

Powering up performance


New managers were promoted for their technical capability, but didn’t have the skill or confidence to have conversations which would drive peak performance in their teams. This meant that the company weren’t seeing the business results they hoped for.


A series of Great feedback and Peak performance sessions were rolled out to 2,000 new managers over 3 years. The sessions gave managers the skills and tools needed to motivate their high flyers and get the best from their teams.


Of over 450 people who took part in the Workouts:

Comments from managers across the business

“When it comes to appraisals managers often feel outside their comfort zone. The Workouts gave people clear, practical and easy to implement approaches for managing these conversations effectively. They are a key part of our next appraisal period.” People Development

“It has made me rethink the way I will do feedback in the future.”

“Wish I’d done it years ago.”

“Very good recommendations for improving and sustaining higher levels of performance and motivation.”

“Great options to take back to develop yourself as well as your team.”

“Opens your mind to review your behaviour.”