“When it comes to helping our people become even better than they already are, Mind Gym has been fantastic for NET-A-PORTER” Natalie Massenet, Founder & Chairman of NET-A-PORTER Ltd.

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NET-A-PORTER had grown by bringing in fresh, dynamic individuals and promoting them as the business grew. This meant that management style was both inconsistent and, on occasions, less than ideal. Chairman, Natalie Massenet and her leadership team knew that they could only continue their pace of growth with a strong, confident and competent team of managers across the business.


A series of two day Summits took place for all middle and senior mangers, covering everything from handling difficult team situations to setting goals and driving peak performance. A diagnostic upfront enabled every manager to experience their own unique development journey.


In the following year, NET-A-PORTER was the highest new entry in the Sunday Times ‘best companies to work for’ list.

The programme had a significant impact on participant’s performance at work.