Telecomms firm

“The innovative and personalised journey that the Summit provides has really engaged our managers, and we’ve already seen a high transfer of learning. Mind Gym helped us to focus our investment in L&D and create a programme which has not only increased motivation but improved management capability.”Sarah March, Management development manager

Bright management


For this thriving telecommunications company, a key business challenge is how to create new sources of sustainable growth to maintain their position in an increasingly competitive market. This cannot be achieved without managers who can anticipate and are open to change. They must grasp new opportunities and take responsibility for delivering business results through their teams.


One size fits no one. And every manager has their own unique challenges, strengths and areas to improve. This included delivering robust performance management and clear career development to their teams, leading to a business that is full of motivated, high performers.

Mind Gym developed a 3 day Summit experience including:

  • Diagnostic upfront to allow each manager to map out their own personal development journey.
  • Parallel streams of sessions delivered in a range of practical formats to manage people’s energy and match their inclination.
  • Booster sessions to follow up and find out how successfully people are applying what they learnt back in the business.



The managers gained new practical techniques, which they have been able to employ effectively in their work. A lean ROI of 114% was calculated from participant self-ratings of their improved performance.


Comments from participants

“Compared to many other courses, there is an active engagement in terms of taking away learnings and making sure they are used in the workplace. The tailored nature of the course is also excellent.”

“Very clear and concise build up through feedback/coaching sessions. All sessions were excellently run by the team. The group was made to feel safe to share and learn.”