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“Mind Gym sessions have made a noticeable difference to the way that our advisors interact with our customers – they are more consultative, provide better advice and our customers are happier as a result"Rod Brown, Managing Director, Tesco Tech Support

Sales through service: every little helps


Tesco didn’t have a reputation as being the place to go to buy electrical and digital equipment. To grow sales, every customer needed to come away from their interactions with Tesco Tech advisors impressed, feeling as though Tesco can offer much more than just a great deal.

Rod Brown, MD, was keen to build a team of advisors who were not only technical experts but who were also skilled, consultative salespeople ready to listen, diagnose customer need and give the right advice.


Two Workouts offered to all new Customer Service Advisors as part of a 3-day induction programme. The Workouts equipped Advisors with the skills to deepen customer relationships and maintain the integrity and value of their services.


Of the 300 people who took part in the Workouts:

Comments from participants

“I have gathered a range of tools which I will use in my role.”

“I found the Workout beneficial as it gave me a different perspective on my interaction with customers.”

“It has opened my mind to better communication and has given me the confidence to ask questions that are relevant to the customer.”

“It was brilliantly presented, with good examples and it actively involved everyone positively.”

“I feel excited, empowered.”