Products explained

Our toolbox is brimming with innovative, practical learning experiences to suit every need. Delve in, pick your tools and help your people achieve more, faster, and with less effort.

There are over 200 products to choose from. Explore the full portfolio.

Workouts compress up to a day’s traditional training into an action-packed 90-minutes full of practical tips and techniques.

These face-to-face Workouts are for up to 20 people at a time and can be delivered anywhere in the world. They take place in your company’s offices, factories or conference venues.

Virtual learning, real discoveries.

Learn from the comfort of your own desk – perfect for distributed teams, when travel isn’t an option.

Our Virtual workouts are live sessions led by a coach in a virtual classroom. They’re perfect for groups of up to 12 people.


Go larges are a tour de force on topics that matter to most of us.

Perfect for team away days, program launches and conferences, these are high impact, high-energy experiences for groups from 50 to 1,500.

Like role-play, it’s ‘real-play’.

The Live action is a 90-minute workshop that gets participants practicing their new found know-how in their own everyday situations.

With on the spot advice from peers and a coach, they learn from how they fare and return to the workplace primed for action.


Many heads are better than one. A Dialogue group bring peers together to tackle their thorniest challenges.

Go beyond case studies and discuss the issues that affect your work every day.

Dialogue groups are ideal to shift energy during a longer program. Participants dictate the content, while a Mind Gym coach facilitates proceedings to draw out the wisdom of the crowd.

One size fits no-one. The Diagnostic turns this core belief into technicolored action.

Diagnostic is an online tool that aggregates the personal learning needs of thousands in a matter of moments.

Take a 360° snapshot to spot skills and competency gaps so you can wisely invest in content that’s most relevant. Take it a step further and recommend personalized learning journeys so your people are set on the right path, fast.


Get hectic employees to book in and turn up.

Posters, desk drops, intranet splash pages – there are plenty of ways to tempt your colleagues into signing up for a learning program. The trick lies in identifying the message that will grab their attention and stimulate them to act.


Actions speak loudest. To activate is to take learning out of the classroom and into the workplace. If we have the chance to practice skills in our everyday environment and find clear opportunities to apply our learning, we’re much more likely to change our behavior for good.

Mind Gym has four activation tools: Pledge, Mission, Booster and Coaching toolkit.