If you had enough time, you wouldn’t have enough imagination. The trick lies in how to make better use of the time we’ve got.

The problem of not having enough time is as old as time itself, and so are most of the proposed cures.

Traditional time management programs, where we’re taught how to get organized and fit more into our day, have little effect on how we manage our time. The fact is that there is never “enough” time. The trick to feeling in control isn’t changing what you do, but changing your attitude.

People who stop trying to cram everything in and start focusing on making the best of the time they have are less stressed and more productive. They also appreciate the influence that others can have on their time and take steps to avoid getting into time conflicts.

This Go large proposes a radically different approach to time and how we use it. Discover practical ways to feel great about how your time is spent.

At the end of the Go large you will have:

  • Explored a new mindset to help you get more out of your time.
  • Discovered how to reframe or refocus what you do to feel more satisfied.
  • Found out what your natural time preference is and how to work better with people who are the opposite.
  • Learned how to stop yourself from taking on too much.
  • Appreciated how you can achieve more by slowing down.


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