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The manager’s challenge is huge: to understand, organize and motivate people to achieve more, better and faster together.

Replace a lousy manager with a strong one and team performance typically goes up by between 13% and 29%. What makes a manager great? The research points us to seven talents that make the difference.

Where are all the great managers?

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White paper

The return of the manager

Management has been out of fashion for longer than leg warmers. Managers are dismissed as the permafrost who prevent change and the excuse for why important messages from the big...

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Growing great managers at Unilever

It’s pioneering, it’s practical and it’s being delivered to 16,000 managers across the world. What makes Unilever so sure that it’s Management Development program is worth the investment? Watch the...

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5 ways to… turn middle managers into superheroes

The middle manager has been left to drift in the corporate wilderness. This is a dangerous oversight because the middle manager holds the key to the most pressing challenge for...

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