Employee engagement

Keep people flourishing, whatever the weather

The jury has given its verdict: employee engagement is a lead indicator of business performance. In plain English this means that when your employees feel engaged, your business will prosper. Investors who used this as their guiding strategy have outperformed the market*.

And yet overall levels of engagement are falling across the board, and particularly fast among top performers**.

Leaders too easily get fixated with the survey results rather than the causes behind them; or they make a few grand gestures, which is like trying to mend a marriage with glittering anniversary gifts.

To build enduring engagement:

  • Senior leaders need to share a compelling story about where the business is going and how it will get there, so people choose to believe.
  • Managers need to build trust and care and not shy away from performance enhancing conversations.
  • Individual employees need to have ‘yes’ in their heart, or at least their head.

These may sound like attributes you’re born with. In fact, they can all be learned.

*Harter J., Schmidt F., Killham E., Agrawal S. (2009) The relationship between engagement at work and organisational outcomes, Gallup Press.
**Towers Watson (2010). U.S. Strategic Rewards Survey.