Management development

It’s time managers got personal

What do you get by swapping a lousy manager with a strong one?

A 12% increase in productivity for people in largely repetitive roles (airline check-in, call center)* and a whopping 29% in jobs that require more independent thought**.

That’s a prize that, in most circumstances, CFOs would seize with alacrity. So why don’t they?

Managers get a bad rap because:

  • Managers tend to get more credit for their individual contribution than for enabling others.
  • Competency matrices comprising 100s of ‘management skills’ are incomprehensible, let alone useful.
  • Managers’ don’t get much coaching from their boss on how to manage people (often because they don’t know any better themselves).
  • ‘Leadership’ is sexier.

Mind Gym’s meta-analysis, embracing over 10 million data points, reveals the seven key talents that differentiate the best managers from the rest.


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