Performance management

Deliver more, with less, forever

The research is unequivocal. When it comes to return on equity, revenue growth, profitability and employee turnover, performance management delivers remarkable results for next to no investment. But only when it’s done well.

Unfortunately many organizations’ performance management costs a lot and delivers little. Why?

  • The human desire to be popular overrides the manager’s need to be frank.
  • Everyone scores the same.
  • Managers lack time, skills and confidence to transform poor performers and make good performers great.
  • Individuals don’t take responsibility for their career.

When performance management goes wrong it dilutes the effect of every other people investment.

The vital ingredientsWind-Up Toy Car

Mind Gym’s academic research and 10 years of experience with top Fortune and FTSE companies has revealed the five vital ingredients for dynamic performance conversations that deliver business results:

  1. Stretching goals with bi-weekly feedback
  2. Consistent differentiation
  3. Commercial coaching
  4. Job crafting
  5. Employees take responsibility