Personal effectiveness

Given the choice of being more intelligent or better looking, 71% of UK population said they would rather be ‘more intelligent’.

This might reflect the natural beauty of the island’s inhabitants, or their lack of self-awareness. We prefer to believe that it represents a more underlying human tendency to want to improve ourselves, starting on the inside.

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If you wanted to get your employees to drink more coffee, would you be better off hosting a Starbucks or opening say, an HSBC coffee bar? However much your employees love your company, it’s not usually for the coffee.

Being a gym, with a brand that feels ‘consumer’, Mind Gym can provide that ‘Starbucks’ effect. Your employees choose to turn up to short, sharp workouts that make them in many ways cleverer, or at least give them a sneaky advantage.

At the same time you can breathe life into your values, competencies and ‘ingredients’ by matching from the hundred or so Workouts and Live actions that already exist. Explore them all.Stopwatch & calendar

With no up-front investment you can create a legacy of continuous development. And your people will love you for it.

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