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Bite-size is the right size

Mind Gym is the original pioneer of the 90-minute session. Grounded in science and wrapped in a consumer-friendly brand, our experiences are designed to appeal most to the individual so they are excited to learn.

There are over 70 different topics to choose from tackling “Creativity for logical thinkers” to “Courageous conversations” to “Fleeting meetings”; all available in a variety of formats, for small or large groups, from role-play to virtual options.

  • Workouts compress up to a day’s traditional training into an action-packed 90-minutes full of practical tips and techniques.
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  • Virtual learning, real discoveries. Participants learn from the comfort of their own desk – perfect when travel isn’t an option.
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  • Go larges are high impact, high-energy, 60-minute experiences, perfect for team away days, launches and conferences.
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  • Workout pro’s offer an immersive 180-minute experience, packed full of deep insight on a challenging topic.
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  • Like role-play, it’s “real-play”. This 90-minute workshop gets participants practicing their new found know-how in their own everyday situations.
  • Many heads are better than one. A Dialogue group brings peers together to tackle their thorniest challenges.

Learning that sticks

Why do 85% of programs fail to change behavior?* Because a disproportionate amount of effort is spent only on the learning intervention.

The key to success lies in building engagement before the event so participants arrive eager to participate, and providing activation tools afterwards so they’re able to put the learning into practice beyond the classroom.

  • The Diagnostic is an online tool that aggregates the personal learning needs of your people so they’re set on the right path, fast.
  • Posters, desk drops, intranet splash pages – there are plenty of ways to tempt people into signing up.
  • The Pledge is a public commitment to put good intentions into glorious practice.
  • The Mission gives participants a way to succeed by trying out what they’ve just learned. Should they choose to accept it.
  • Theory is neat but the world is messy. The Booster highlights what happens when we bring them together so a lasting difference is made.
  • Toolkits give even recalcitrant managers the techniques and confidence to give targeted coaching when it matters most.

For more on how to make learning stick, download the white paper or contact us to discover how we can help embed learning in your organization.

*Brinkerhoff, R. (2001) High impact learning, Perseus Publishing.

Global network, local capability


Our global network of coaches are all accredited through one of the industry’s most rigorous coaching academies so you are guaranteed the finest delivery. To find out about the coaches nearest to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can also upskill your network to deliver Mind Gym. Contact us to discuss licensing and accreditation options for your trainers.

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