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Research reveals that in high performing companies, employees consistently demonstrate greater competence in areas such as goal setting, time management and emotional intelligence. Personal effectiveness is a critical part of development.

Personal effectiveness training often fails to deliver. Why? Standard programs are force-fitted with little focus or thought about which specific skills need to be developed for the organization or the individual.

How to create a legacy of continuous development with no up-front investment

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The ‘aha moment’: it’s all about your approach

In 1981, an IBM employee, Rangaswamy “Sri” Srinivasan, was using an ultraviolet excimer laser to etch metal and computer chips when he had the idea of using it to laser...

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Getting unstuck

Measure career growth only in terms of upwards movement and you may be destined for disappointment. Places for promotion are down whilst employees’ expectations of advancement have never been greater....

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True grit

We all know of them. The genius who flits from one unfinished project to another. The naturally talented individual who lets their gift go by the wayside. We also know...

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